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When utilizing a field contact firm, a financial institution should take into consideration these factors:

  • The firm has verifiable liability and E&O Insurance to meet the requirements of your institution
  • NCCI holds a $10M General Liability and $5M E&O insurance policy that covers ALL of our independent contractors
  • The firm's rates should make the field contact cost effective
  • NCCI offers competitive rates on all of our services
  • The firm should specialize in field contacts and have verifiable references for your review
  • NCCI has completed more than 3 million field contacts for hundreds of leading companies in the financial services industry
  • The information and reporting by the firm should meet your expectations
  • NCCI offers customizable reporting ,and information gathered in the field is transported to the client via a secure web server
  • The firm should have turnaround times that meet your time constraints
  • NCCI offers 72 hour or less turn times for metro field calls
  • The firm has an adequate number of professional field representatives
  • NCCI offers coverage in all 50 states and Puerto Rico through our national network of field representatives
  • The firm should provide simple ways to communicate assignments and results through an automated system
  • NCCI has state of the art IT systems that allow for easy assigning and reporting through a secure web portal